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Budding qualified account is one step closer to her Chartered and Certified Status

Alice Bradley 22 year old accountant at Turner Warran has passed her Financial Management exam for ACCA which puts her closer to becoming a Chartered Certified Accountant. Alice passed her AAT exams 2 years ago on the 23rd July and decided to take her studies further and do her ACCA. “I’m so pleased I passed this exam it’s a real achievement. I’ve been studying ACCA for 2 years so I’m over half way there.” Alive say’s. With all the years of studying Alice has dedicated her time to, she’ll be pleased to be able to socialise with her friends more once she has achieved her goal of becoming a Chartered Certified accountant. There are further studies beyond ACCA focusing in specific areas but, at this time Alive is not 100% sure which route to take. Managing Director Kevin Turner say’s “Alive started training towards her AAT 4 years ago when she joined us and successfully passed all exams 2 years ago. We have staff studying towards their AAT and Alice is always on hand to help where she can. She is a determined young lady, I have every faith in her that she will do well in the industry.” “Alice is a keen individual and very supportive to those studying below her. We have staff developing at all levels which is great as they will learn from within the business as it grows” add’s Office Manager, Keith Hunt. Turner Warran is a growing business that offers great training and development to all staff at all levels within the industry.