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Are you safe in the workplace?

When accidents could happen at any time, do you have someone in your business who could carry out first aid in an emergency at work? A few years ago Sharon Hope, Payroll Manager from Turner Warran accountants Brigg took a 1 day course for appointed first aider. Fast forward a few years and it is now a 3 day course called Emergency First Aid at Work. In a matter of years, the course has become more in depth and more assessments are carried out in each area to make sure the individual is knowledgeable and capable to carry out first aid in such an emergency. Sharon Hope carried out her Emergency First Aid at Work course with St John Ambulance in Scunthorpe. “The staff were really friendly, supportive and made the experience very rewarding. Everyone should arm themselves with some First Aid knowledge… you never know when you may need the skills. As a workplace we may think we work in a low risk environment … but for any business that has a reception area you just never know what situation could arise in your office. If you go on the St Johns Ambulance website as I did, you can assess the requirements of your workplace and hopefully get booked on a course.” Says Sharon.

John Cavanagh, director of St John Ambulance workplace training in the region, said: “We applaud businesses that set aside time for colleagues such as Sharon to learn and update vital first aid skills – and urge more to follow suit.

“At St John Ambulance, we believe nobody should die because they needed first aid and didn’t get it – and of course people are as likely to fall ill at work as anywhere else.

“First aid training can give people the knowledge and confidence to recognise and treat the symptoms of a serious health condition such as a heart attack and so be the difference between life and death. We hear time and time again how first aiders surprise themselves in emergency situations by recalling what they learned on their course and calmly giving the correct treatment without panicking.

“We also sell first aid equipment ranging from plasters to defibrillators to equip organisations with everything they’d need to deal with incidents, and any profits we make go into community programmes from supporting events to training children in schools.

“St John Ambulance trains to the highest standards more employees than any other provider and helps businesses meet their regulatory requirements. Across our North East region, which includes Yorkshire & the Humber, we run over 45 courses a week at 26 venues plus training on customer premises, so no organisation in the region has far to go or long to wait to find a course.”

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