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Exam Success Enhances Support For Business New And Old

TurnerWarran accountants and business advisers are once again celebrating their commitment to staff training after a high achievement in the December exam session. All staff undergoing training with the practice enjoyed success with Chris Warrillow reaching the end of his training and qualifying as a Chartered Certified Accountant. Chris, who has been with the practice for 4 years, said “this achievement would not have been possible without the tremendous support from my family, the firm and colleagues”.

TurnerWarran are accredited as a Platinum Employer under the ACCA approved trainee development scheme and continue to show their commitment to the area and to the training of staff by annually taking on a new graduate or school leaver. Managing Partner Kevin Turner commented “our firm commitment to training and supporting our staff is critical to our dedication to provide the best quality and service to all our clients”.

Across the Lincolnshire area, TurnerWarran are seeing a prevalence of new businesses being set up for a variety of reasons, including following redundancy. If new businesses are able to survive in these difficult economic times then they have a good chance of future prosperity especially with the back up of a proactive business adviser.

TurnerWarran are committed to supporting this level of business enterprise within the local area and are proud to see the success of many of its clients already achieved to date in 2010.

Other firms looking at the statistics may pessimistically conclude that the apparent failure rate for new businesses means they will not take the risk of representing a new start up. TurnerWarran believe early investment will not only provide the encouragement all new firms deserve but also help regenerate the local area for the better.

Many local entrepreneurs have been assisted by agencies such as E Factor or Business Link and the Federation of Small Businesses can also provide real practical and affordable help too. TurnerWarran’s links with these can only be of benefit in the early days of a business venture, providing a firm foundation from which a business is able to thrive.

With this in the forefront of their minds, the staff at TurnerWarran have developed a unique “New Business Kit” which is newly launched for 2010. This kit, by way of a comprehensive manual, is the discussion document used to coach new clients in the benefits and pitfalls of the new and quite daunting path they have taken towards sole tradership or company directorship.

TurnerWarran offer unlimited “hotline” help and when combined with the recently launched tax consultancy, Turnerwarran Henson, they ensure that clients are “forewarned and indeed forearmed” from day one and do not fall foul of the Taxman.

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