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Experience of work is ‘fantastic’

Trainee Sophie recommends learning on an apprenticeship.

When it comes to developing your business, apprentices are employees you can count on.

That is the opinion of accountancy firm Turner Warran, which is backing the Grimsby Telegraph’s 100 Day Apprenticeship Challenge – saying taking on an apprentice is a great way to help get business booming.

As reported Grimsby Evening Telegraph have teamed up with the Grimsby Institute, Cosalt Wind Energy and North East Lincolnshire Council’s Change programme in a bid to get 100 young people between the ages of 16 and 24 into 100 apprenticeships in 100 days.

Helen Sanderson, marketing manager at the Brigg and Scunthorpe-based accountancy firm said taking on apprentices benefits the business.

She said: “We had some gaps in the company and decided to tae on apprentices, instead of people with previous experience, so we could train them up from scratch.

“Having an apprentice means from day one they are learning the company procedures and becoming a tailor-made employee.”

Helen says taking on an apprentice is no harder work than employing any new member of staff.”I think some people have the preconception that training an apprentice is a lot of hard work, but it’s the same as when anybody new starts,” she said.

“Because they are doing something they want to do rather than learning at college, they tend to be really motivated and work hard.”

As reported it costs a company as little as £95 a week to employ an apprentice and the young person benefits from working towards a recognised qualification while getting hands-on experience.

Sophie Dent, 18, is a trainee accountant with the firm.

She said: “When I finished my A-levels, I knew university wasn’t for me and started looking for apprenticeships instead.

“I find it much easier to learn if I’m doing something and the practical experience has been fantastic.

“I’d recommend an apprenticeship to anybody who doesn’t want to be stuck in a classroom.”

‘I knew university wasn’t for me’

In your words

Jasmine Hare, 19, is an apprentice in administration at Turner Warran.

When I finished studying for my A-levels at Bishop Burton College I decided to look for a job because I knew university wasn’t for me.

I found out about the position at Turner Warran and they explained to me that I would be employed as an apprentice and gain a qualification at the same time as working.

It wasn’t something I’d considered doing before but it’s a great idea as I’m learning more skills while working.

I’d recommend an apprenticeship to anyone.

It helps you continue your education while gaining experience in the workplace.

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