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Turner Warran offers Vicki Wright a great opportunity

20 year old Victoria Wright is now living her dream and on her way to becoming a Chartered accountant. Thanks to Kevin Turner Managing Director at Turner Warran Brigg, Victoria is able to complete her AAT and further her career into ACCA. Victoria has almost completed her AAT level 2 and will swiftly be commencing with her level 3 in April. Victoria says “I have been studying for just over a year but, with Kevin’s support and being able to work in practice, this will really help me with my studies and enable me to develop.” Victoria will spend a further 2 years studying before she is AAT qualified then, she will continue with a further 3 years to complete ACCA. Keith Hunt, office manager say’s “Victoria is a great addition to the firm, although she is the youngest member of staff, she is very passionate and I’m sure she will excel here.” Kevin Turner Managing Director adds “The firm will be putting Victoria through her studies and will help and support her along the way. We have two members of staff who have just completed the level Victoria is currently working on so there will always be help and support for her.” Outside of work Victoria is building up a portfolio of houses in the Scunthorpe area, recently securing the contract on her second house, which she will be renting out. Turner Warran will also be raising money for Red Nose Day keep an eye on their progress here

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